Keeping people safe is our priority.


Safety shelters for any emergency.

We believe every person should have the opportunity to protect themselves and their loved ones from harm. That’s why our passion is empowering Americans to be confident and fully prepared for potentially dangerous situations ahead.

Whether the danger is a violent tornado or deadly home invasion, RemainSafe provides you with the proper safety shelter for any situation. This is your first line of protection and we very take it seriously.

If you're ready to protect yourself or your family from potential danger, our team would like to speak with you. We'll give you the expert advice you deserve and help you make the best choice for your needs. RemainSafe has always got you covered!

EF5 Tornado Rating

Our shelters stand up against the highest rated tornadoes and hurricane force winds.

Ballistic Proof

Our shelters protect against small arms fire to armor piercing bullets from larger weapons.

Military Grade

Our shelters strengthen your chances for survival with military grade features.

Quality Tested and Approved

RemainSafe manufactures state of the art safety shelters you can be confident in. We design, engineer and third party test all products to ensure the highest standards including FEMA Compliance. Our priority is your safety and survival.

National Association of Home Builders
National Performance Criteria
Institute for Disaster Research Texas Tech

Trusted by thousands

There's no coincidence we've installed thousands of storm shelters and served communities across the United States for over 10 years. People trust RemainSafe because we offer some of the best safety shelters in America.

Made in the USA

Many storm shelter companies purchase subpar products from overseas. Not us! All of our RemainSafe shelters are proudly made in the USA by highly trained experts who value true craftsmanship on top of your safety.

Built by professionals

Your protection from danger is our highest priority and we it take very seriously. That's why RemainSafe shelters are developed and engineered by a team dedicated professionals who care. We will never make sacrifices in the quality of our products.

Designed for all ages

Certain emergency shelters are extremely difficult to use for senior citizens and younger children. This matters when seconds count! RemainSafe shelters are simple to use and operate for any age. Plus they are designed for maximum comfort.

20 Year Guarantee

We believe in being here for you today and tomorrow. This is why RemainSafe offers a 20 year warranty on all of our products. If anything wears out or has a problem, we will be there to fix it or replace it for no additional charge.