Storm shelters made to keep you safe!

We are passionate about keeping people safe.

RemainSafe is an emergency preparedness company whose mission is to educate and equip our communities with the proper resources for any life-threatening challenge that comes their way.

We believe in being ready for potential danger whether it's an EF-5 tornado, active shooter encounter, being lost while hiking, or the zombie apocalypse.

At the end of the day our passion is keeping people safe and alive.

We believe in building confidence over fear.

RemainSafe instills a new mindset about personal safety. We're not about fear mongering or scaring you into doomsday scenarios because that's not a healthy way to approach emergency preparedness.

Our purpose is to build up your confidence and provide the resources to survive any dangerous situation. We prepare you for what could happen, but encourage you to live without fear.

Whatever the challenge, we're here to help you overcome it.

We are proud to be an American company.

RemainSafe manufactures all of our safety shelters in the United States and we proudly partner with other companies who develop emergency preparedness products that are made in America.

One of our priorities is providing jobs and business opportunities to the people in our local communities. We also place an importance on hiring and working with military veterans. 

We're proud to be American and a patriotic company.

RemainSafe focuses our emergency preparedness efforts in these three core areas.


Protecting people from tornadoes and other potential dangers.


Providing tools and resources for people to protect themselves.


Partnering with amazing people to build a support network.