Features and Benefits of Our Shelters

The product line was developed, designed, and engineered to be the safest and most user friendly shelter on the market today while providing the highest level of occupant protection. All SteelSafe Shelters are FEMA COMPLIANT!

  • 100% Steel Design & Construction
  • Exterior Strength with Interior Comfort
  • Easy to Use Lids and Access Doors (Safe for Kids)
  • Accessories are Included with ALL Shelters

Anchor System

Your unit won't ever pull out of the ground or float because of our rebar system. Our regular and medium shelter both require 8pcs of #4 rebar while our X Large model requires 18 pcs of #4 (retro installs, under existing slab). 

exterior coating

To protect against rust and corrosion, all shelters are sprayed with coal tar epoxy - the same material that the US Army Corp of Engineers requires on any steel that is below water level.


We have a double lid system which opens within the shelter top itself, saving several feet of room. It has a normal operating door on the front and an emergency exit door on the rear, and both can be opened by hand (requires two adults). 

Come Along

Your shelter will come with a 4' come along and a fabricated hook on the back wall. If a door is unable to be opened because a large object was blown in front of it, you can connect one end of the come along to the hook and the other end to the door in order to crank the door open.


Every SteelSafe Shelter includes a battery powered air induction system. The system is mounted within an air vent on the top of the shelter to draw outside air into the shelter, which is then circulated inside. 


Each standard system will include a fluorescent light to provide ample lighting within the shelter. The lighting runs on 8 D batteries and can run continuously for 24 hours. 

Fabrication and Testing

Each and every RemainSafe Shelter is manufactured and fabricated at one of our regional manufacturing facilities. To assure that we meet our own expectations, every part is checked by our quality assurance team. Components are precisely cut with state of the art lasers, and highly skilled welders bring all the components together. The result is a completed shelter that is exactly as it was designed to be by our engineers.

Once the fabrication is complete, the shelter goes to our dye testing area. This is when dye is applied to both sides of every weld. The day stays on every shelter for 24 hours to assure us that every weld is solid and will never leak. Once the shelter passes the dye test, it is sent to the paint department. Here it is coated, primed, and painted. Once it leaves the paint department, the interior components are installed. Every shelter is then inspected by the quality assurance team and prepared for shipment. Once the shelter arrives at your home, school, place of work, or location, the RemainSafe team of trained installers ensures you are totally satisfied before we leave.



  • Certified Test Results from Texas Tech University
  • Certified and Stamped Blue Prints and Drawings
  • A+ BBB of North Alabama rating

Followed Guidelines

  • Exceeds FEMA 320/361 guidelines for storm shelters
  • Exceeds ICC-500 guidelines for storm shelters
  • Exceeds ASTM 330 guidelines for static pressure testing

Quality Tested

All SteelSafe Shelters have been tested and are in compliance to meet or exceed the requirements of the following organizations. All models qualify for available funding and grants that are available through FEMA, ADEM, or your county EMA.


See what our customers are saying:

Customer Service

From top to bottom they are the best team I have ever witnessed doing any kind of job. I was amazed at how clean the work area was kept while they where installing the shelter. The garage actually looked better when they finished than when they began. Again I thank you all. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to everyone.

Flawless Installation

 We want to say just thank you for a job very well done. The installation went flawless. We never had any concerns as the day progressed. Everyone was very professional and they knew their job. Our garage floor looks cleaner now than when the crew arrived. Without hesitation, if someone wants a referral, give them our number. We will be glad to talk to them.

Professional coordination

We recently had a 5x8 in-ground interior shelter installed in our garage. We couldn’t be more pleased. From the coordination during the purchase to the scheduling of the installation to the final product everything was done smoothly and professionally. The crew performed the installation in one day!  We feel so much safer knowing we have an in-home shelter if a really bad storm comes. 

Family Friendly

My family and I were extremely pleased with the efficiency and professional manner that our shelter was installed. I especially liked that the installer took the time to involve and explain the shelter to my 9 year-olds. We hope we never have to use the shelter, but if the situation presents itself, we are confident and ready.


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