Our Story

SteelSafe Shelters has been designing, manufacturing, and testing Tornado Shelters, Storm Shelters, Panic Rooms, and Bunkers for over a decade.  Our mission over those 10+ years and 2,000+ installation has remained the same:   "WE SAVE LIVES!" 

We are a family of hard-working men and women who wake up every morning to serve YOU.  Our team is as diverse as our capabilities.  We love taking an active role in our communities and supporting great organizations and individuals that promote CONFIDENCE, SECURITY, and a BETTER FUTURE for the generations to come!

Our focus is on innovating and designing products that provide CONFIDENCE, SECURITY, and SAFETY!

In 2007, our entrepreneurial journey started and we are more passionate today than ever before.  Make sure you follow us on all social media platforms for a behind the scenes look at our company, our journey, our story, and our passion to serve others.  You can follow RemainSafe at @RemainSafeLLC and Andy (our CEO) at @AndySmithLife.   


Engineered for Confidence

When you walk into your Safe Room, Storm Shelter, Panic Room, or Tornado Shelter we want you, your family, your pets, and any loved ones to have one emotion - Confidence!  Over the last decade, we have continuously improved our designs, our manufacturing processes, and worked closely with State and Federal Agencies to ensure we build to the highest standards.  This experience allows us to take your needs into account while ensuring the highest degree of safety, security, and confidence.  Each product follows our SteelSafe process of conception, design, engineering, modeling, and testing for load, wind, and impact. This process is costly, but it is the quality your protection deserves. The product you will be purchasing is FEMA Compliant, tested, and built with you in mind. 

We are proud to offer 9 different models, allowing flexibility with sizing, pricing, and model types. We're confident we have an option for you. 

Values to Serve Better

We believe in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  You may have heard and seen these words before... We take these action verbs into our four guiding principles:  Safety, Security, Sustainability, and Community

The world around us is changing and our goal at RemainSafe is to take our value system and combine it with hard work, innovation, and creativity.  We are working on products lines TODAY that you'll need TOMORROW.  


We believe in being protected when storms, events, or life happens


We believe this is a basic human right


We believe in leaving a better Tomorrow


We believe we were designed to be together in community

Manufactured for Safety

American made products by hard-working men and women sharing the same values and mission is our DNA.  We employ manufacturing facilities across the United States to ensure high quality products are available locally and rapidly.  The SteelSafe Shelter product line starts with high quality carbon steel framing that meets or exceeds FEMA P-320 / P-361 guidelines and the International Code Council (ICC 500) guidelines.  Each weld is tested to ensure compliance and every detail of construction is verified.  Underground units are welded on both the interior and exterior to ensure full penetration welding.  Every unit is coated with high quality, tested, paint or epoxy to ensure corrosion and rust resistance.  The attention to detail sets us apart.  Selecting the finest hardware, springs, handles, and accessories compliments the strength and resiliency of our shelters. 


Confidence in the New Tomorrow

We think back to the messages we heard as kids, “what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger.” The times we live in today are challenging what we call "normal".  When COVID-19 hit our company, our families, our employees, and our communities, we have to look back at the lessons we've learned and the values we live by.  We quickly adapted the mindset that we are willing to change the way we do things, but we won't compromise our value system nor our mission.  We chose to go into the #NewTomorrow confident and humble.

As we embark on these uncharted waters, we remain committed to not only doing what we've done for over a decade now, but to improving, innovating, and creating a better model to SERVE YOU.  


We invite you to take a behind-the-scene look into what it takes to design, engineer, manufacturer, and install the SteelSafe Shelter!

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