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Our passion is developing world class products to keep you and your loved ones safe in any emergency.


Safety shelters you can count on!

RemainSafe is about protecting and saving lives. From deadly tornadoes to dangerous encounters, we create products to enhance your security and safety.

Our line of safety shelters are manufactured to the highest industry standards so you can be confident in any situation. Whether it's an EF5 tornado or active shooter, we give you the best chance for survival.

RemainSafe shelters are also easier to use and operate. This is a requirement for all our products. We do everything to ensure young children to elderly adults are able to get to safety when seconds count.

Finally our safety shelters are designed for maximum comfort for lengthier stays. We add many features other companies neglect to include like fans, padded seating, safety wenches, and emergency kits.

If you're considering a safety shelter to protect you or your loved ones, we hope you'll partner with us. RemainSafe takes our work seriously. We've got you covered!


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There are a lot of options when choosing the best storm shelter, safe room, tornado shelter, or panic room. Let one of our experts help you make the right choice.

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Our Story

If you've ever experienced a deadly situation, you understand how it changes your perspective on life. Surviving a dangerous encounter opens your eyes to what could have been, but it also heightens your awareness to avoid it again.

We know from firsthand experience what it's like to overcome these types of situations. We also know that proper emergency preparedness can make the difference between life and death. This is why we do what we do.

RemainSafe exists because we're passionate about keeping Americans ahead of danger. This business is a small part of a larger vision. Should you ever face a tornado, active shooter event, or domestic abuse, our purpose is to prepare you to survive. But we're also different from many other companies in the industry.

A different mindset for overcoming danger.

Our goal is instilling a healthier mindset about personal safety. We're not about fear mongering or doomsday scenarios. We don't want to scare you into never leaving your bomb shelter.

We prefer to build your confidence and ability to overcome any challenge. We want to prepare you for what could happen, but also encourage you to remain positive and enjoy life.

You will experience a different story with RemainSafe because we truly care about the people in our community. We value the lives of others and get up every morning knowing that what we do makes a real difference.

Our team is passionate about emergency preparedness but we also strive to make the world a better place. We hope you join us.

Our Values

RemainSafe values diversity while creating unity. This may be easier said than done in our country right now, but this ideal is worth fighting for and something we believe in as a company. It’s important that everyone feels welcome and appreciated.

We are creating a community of people who desire to help and support each other regardless of color, nationality, sexuality, political affiliation, or background. Together we can be stronger and do more to keep people safe and alive.


Helping fellow Americans stay ahead of the danger.


Providing tools for people to protect themselves.


Protecting our environment for future generations.


Working together to build community and support.

Meet Our Team

The RemainSafe team is made up of business executives, manufacturers, engineers, sales consultants, designers, and support personnel. But all of us consider each other and you our family.

Andy Smith


Kevin Belz

VP Operations + Manufacturing
Lee Snell, RemainSafe Sales Consultant

Lee Snell

Sales Consultant

Katie Belz


Mar'Quae "Q"

Installation + Delivery Technician
James Dalman, RemainSafe CMO

James Dalman

Chief Marketing Officer

Jordan Triplett

Customer Experience

Bryan Askew

Sales Manager