Our above ground storm shelters are built to the highest standards, with our number one priority of protecting your employees, neighbors, patients, and family. Whether you need to protect 20 or 200, RemainSade has you covered. Professionally engineered, built, and tested to ensure we build the strongest products on the market. Our steel shelters are made to withstand an EF-5 tornado with an excess of 250+ mph wind, built to ICC standards, and compliant with FEMA storm shelter requirements. Our above ground shelters can be mounted to a concrete pad or made to be mobile. Whatever your site plan requires, our team can accommodate and ensure that everyone continues to RemainSafe.

Product Specifications:

2-3' entry and exit door (per ICC IBC-2018 Article 1010.11)

Keypad Entry

Natural ventilation in compliance with table 702.4.1 in ICC.

Standard Features


LED Lighting &

Emergency Generator


Front-to-Back Benches

Trauma Kit

Each Shelter Includes Trauma Kit to ensure emergency preparedness


Smoke Detection and Fire Extinguisher(s)

Locking Mechanism

Keypad Entry with Manual Backup


Carbon Monoxide Detector


ADA Compliant


No Slip Flooring

Optional Features

Armored Plating

*Need armored plating for outside surfaces - check out our ARMOR Series

Solar Panel

and Emergency Genset with UPS

UPS Battery Power

As Stand by power system

Wash Station

Chemical Toilet

Gas Generator

A/C Unit

Sentinel Above Ground Storm Shelters

Defender Above Ground Storm Shelters

Refuge Above Ground Storm Shelters