Benefits of Having a RemainSafe Storm Shelter Installed in Your Home

Since 2010, RemainSafe has and continues to design and manufacture storm shelters for the residential market. Our residential units have endured devastating storms while protecting and saving thousands of lives throughout the Southeast. The RemainSafe team is driven to offer the most advanced and multifunctional shelters on the market. From traditional storm shelters to customizable safe rooms, we offer families peace of mind. Why do you and your family need a residential shelter? Read our tips below to see what a storm shelter can provide you and your family.

Tornado Protection

Tornado protection is one of the main reasons that homeowners install storm shelters. According to the National Centers for Environmental Information, the United States recorded an average of 951 tornadoes yearly since 1950, with the yearly rate gradually increasing. Protect your household from unpredictable high winds and install a RemainSafe storm shelter in your home to ensure your safety during tornado season.

In Melody Kramer’s National Geographic article, she mentions a common concern of many families in tornado-prone areas. Will first responders know where to look in the event that a tornado causes severe damage to their homes? In many regions, homeowners can register their storm shelters with their local government and confirm their location in a home’s blueprint for first responders. For example, see the list below of some regions in Alabama where you can register your storm shelter.

Safe Room for Home Invasions

Allstate author Pauline Hammerbeck in her Blue Matter article states that “safe rooms aren’t just for tornadoes. They can provide shelter against hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters, and even more sinister events like burglaries or home invasions.” Due to their durable nature, they are extremely hard to break into and can be even equipped with a locking system. RemainSafe provides the option to customize your storm shelter with a locking system that features key-pad access for both ease of entry and protection.

Storage for Survival Items

In a National Geographic article titled “Taking Cover: A Guide to Tornado Shelters” author Melody Kramer says that “Both FEMA and Texas Tech recommend outfitting a safe room with a flashlight, a first-aid kit, an emergency radio, batteries, basic tools, blankets, some water and dry food.” By doing this, you are ensuring that, in the event of an attack or a natural disaster, you are well-prepared. Additionally, you can store your emergency supplies out of the way of daily activities.

An Investment that Raises the Value of Your Home

Not only can our quality-focused storm shelters and safe rooms protect homeowners from unexpected disasters, but they also increase the value of your home. Allstate author Pauline Hammerbeck stated that “…tornado safe rooms were found to increase the sale price of a home by 3.5 percent (or an average of $4,200) – that’s an 84 percent return on a $5,000 safe room investment.” RemainSafe storm shelters and safe rooms are built to withstand some of the harshest disasters. They are built from premium materials and to some of the highest standards in the industry, with the unit weight sitting at 20% more than our competitors. As some of the highest quality shelters on the market, RemainSafe can offer your home the greatest protection and value possible.

Here at RemainSafe, we are dedicated to providing you and your family not only with reliable shelter in the event of a disaster, but also peace of mind in the most uncertain of situations.  We offer a variety of storm shelters and safe rooms suited for residential needs, so you can find the perfect shelter for your home. To view available storm shelters, visit our website or contact us with questions.