Commercial Storm Shelters, Built to Protect Team Members

Protect Your Team with RemainSafe

RemainSafe storm shelters protect not only your family members but your business team members as well. RemainSafe provides business owners and employees with the safety, security and confidence to live and work without fearing inclement weather. We know storms happen; in fact, we know they are happening more frequently than ever before. According to the National Weather Service, “Both tornado reports and tornado environments indicate an increasing trend in portions of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee and Kentucky.” It is crucial to prepare for emergencies before they strike. With RemainSafe, you can work confidently, and grant your team members peace of mind in the face of extreme weather.

What Makes Our Commercial Shelters Safe? Step One: Carefully Crafted Internal Framework

The internal framework of a RemainSafe commercial shelter is made from 1018 steel instead of the more commonly used A36 steel. We chose to design our shelters with 1018 steel to ensure your team’s safety under the specific threats of high winds and debris that tornados present.  

The use of alloy 1018 gives RemainSafe commercial storm shelters higher metal integrity, meaning when projectiles make an impact with our storm shelter at high speeds, the shelter does not sustain damage. For example, at the FEMA testing facility, we tested our storm shelters against a simulated 250mph tornado with a 15lb. projectile traveling at 100mph. The RemainSafe storm shelter was able to deflect the projectile, instead of absorbing the impact. If less ductile steel was used, the shelter would be prone to damage or cracking.

Step Two: Quarter-Inch Outer Metal Plating

RemainSafe uses metal plating for the outermost layer of our storm shelters. Through research and testing, we have found that metal is the best choice when it comes to protection from high winds and projectiles. Cinderblocks are likely to crumble under high impacts, and fiberglass is prone to unraveling in moisture. The metal used to construct RemainSafe storm shelters is sturdy, ductile and water resistant to ensure your storm shelter is not only protected from wind and projectiles but also maintains its structural integrity for years to come.

RemainSafe President, Mike Heath discusses the choice to use metal rather than other materials in Episode 2 of our YouTube series “Let’s RemainSafe.”

Sturdy, Debris Resistant Doors

RemainSafe shelter doors are designed to withstand high winds, debris and other threats. In addition to their durability, our doors are accessible for easy entry and exit. RemainSafe understands the dangers of blockage and wants to ensure the safety of our customers both during weather events and after they have passed. Every shelter door opens to the inside, so if the doorway is covered by debris, you and your team are still able to exit your storm shelter. Our doors are also equipped with Smart Entry keypad access with mechanical override, so you can keep your team safe from intruders and keep your emergency supplies secure.

Created Just for Your Team

RemainSafe commercial shelters are built with you and your team in mind. FEMA states that shelters “should provide 5 square feet per standing adult, 6 square feet per seated adult, and 10 square feet per wheelchair user for occupancy of up to 2 hours.” We offer a variety of shelter sizes to fit your budget and your company size. In 2022, we introduced our innovative 10x30x8 storm shelter. Designed to endure EF-5 storms, this unit offers business owners the ability to shelter employees for short or longer intervals as needed. Equipped with benches, lights and a restroom, our commercial shelters offer business owners and employees’ peace of mind. With RemainSafe, your company can get back to what you do best, knowing that you and your team are prepared for the unexpected.

To learn more about the design and features of RemainSafe storm shelters, visit our YouTube series “Let’s RemainSafe.”