Is Your Community at High Risk of Extreme Weather Events?

Every community should keep extreme weather events in mind year-round, even those outside of areas where tornadoes and hurricanes frequently occur. As extreme weather and wind events become more common, risks assessments should be conducted regularly by community officials to ensure that their current safety infrastructure can accommodate vulnerable community members.

Factors to consider when assessing storm shelter and safe room options:

The number of at-risk community members in your area

The frequency of severe weather events in your area

The most accessible location to install a storm shelter or safe room in your community

Safety Made Accessible to the Whole Community


Model Accommodates 60 People


Model Accommodates 117 People

Custom Sizes Available

Reach out to discuss custom sizing.

Community Shelters Protect:

Stay-at-Home Family Members

Retired Residents

Church Congregations and Employees

Community Members Out and About

Municipal or Government Workers

Community Maintenance Workers

School Age and College Students

Rural Residents Who Need Accessible Shelter

Healthcare Patients and Workers


Product Specifications:

10’ width x 30’ length x 8’ Height

14’ width x 42’ length x 8’ Height

Internal Framework consisting of 5lbs per foot C-Channel

Entry and egress doors comply with ICC IBC-2018 Article 1010.11

Welds in accordance with MIL-STD-20 and MIL-STD-1216

UPS Battery Power as stand by power system.

Convenience power provided by Solar Panel and emergency Genset with UPS

Natural ventilation in compliance with table 702.4.1 in ICC.

Chemical Toilet and hand wash station in all shelters (no plumbing required)

30” x 48” area reserved for wheelchairs near entry door

Can My Community Afford a Shelter?

FEMA offers several avenues of funding for community shelters through their FEMA Safe Room Grant Funding Program. For more information on FEMA grants and available funding, review the FEMA HMA Guidance and Addendum document here.

In addition to RemainSafe’s large 10x30 and 14x42 shelters, we also offer custom sizing to accommodate the unique needs of communities of any size or location.