RemainSafe Commercial Storm Shelters Further Safe Working Conditions


June 27, 2023


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RemainSafe Commercial Storm Shelters Further Safe Working Conditions

RemainSafe shelters protect people and insure investments

Decatur, AL (June 27, 2023) – RemainSafe commercial shelters are built with you and your team in mind. Workplace safety is often centered around preventable accidents with a concentration on employee preparedness and awareness. However, workplace safety sometimes falls outside the scope of employee control. RemainSafe provides business owners and employees with the safety, security and confidence to live and work without fearing inclement weather.

Many areas of workers’ safety are often overlooked or inadequately addressed. One such area can be found in tornado preparedness. Although tornadoes can occur with little to no warning, these destructive weather events still qualify as anticipated hazards which OSHA requires employers to protect workers from. Recent studies have suggested a geographical shift in tornado patterns, meaning more are occurring in areas that fall outside traditional tornado hotspots such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. 

Not only are tornadoes occurring in more diverse locations, but they also occur more frequently and in smaller windows of time rather than spreading out over weeks or months as once recorded. Due to these changes, areas which may have gone years undisturbed by severe weather tornadoes may soon find businesses and their employees facing unanticipated risks. Tornadoes are not preventable, but at many times tragedies are. When considering recent shifts in tornado patterns and the persistent gaps in employee safety measures, the need for accessible safety options is more pressing than ever.

“At RemainSafe, we understand that purchasing a storm shelter for your business is a serious responsibility. Our team places your and your teammates’ security at the forefront of every design, which is why our commercial shelters surpass both FEMA and ICC-500 guidelines and requirements,” said Paul Chapman, VP of RemainSafe.

Behind a door secured by keypad entry, each commercial shelter contains a trauma kit that holds materials that assist in administering lifesaving first aid. RemainSafe’s commercial shelters are also outfitted with a smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector and fire extinguisher. While safety is always the top priority at RemainSafe, we also endeavor to deliver maximum comfort to those seeking shelter. LED lighting, ventilation systems and front-to-back benches have been incorporated into our standard designs and additional shelter amenities are available upon request. Some of these features, like wash stations and chemical toilets, can ensure the shelter remains secure and sanitary during prolonged periods of refuge.

RemainSafe’s commercial shelters are fully mobile and customizable while retaining the ability to withstand the 250+ MPH wind speeds characteristic of an EF-5 Tornado. Shelters can be securely installed via an anchoring system on preexisting concrete slabs with sufficient surface area, although no such preexisting structures are required. This is because RemainSafe shelters are also available in wholly freestanding designs, the weight of which guarantees the shelter’s fortitude and the safety of those within.


RemainSafe provides storm shelters and safe rooms to residential and commercial markets. As a company, RemainSafe is driven to offer the most advanced and multifunctional shelters on the market. Providing families and business owners the Safety, Security and Confidence to live and work without fearing inclement weather. For more information, visit www.remainsafe.com or engage socially via, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.