RemainSafe, Manufacturer of Storm Shelters, Continues Expansion In Commercial Markets


September 14, 2022


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RemainSafe, Manufacturer of Storm Shelters, Continues Expansion In Commercial Markets

RemainSafe announces product expansion of commercial shelters to industrial applications

Decatur, AL (September 14, 2022) – RemainSafe, announces its entry into the commercial marketplace as they design and expand their enhanced storm shelter units to businesses worldwide. RemainSafe offers Safety and Security Boxed, providing business owners and their employees the safety, security and confidence to operate without fearing inclement weather.

In the United States the number of warehouses and manufacturing locations is steadily increasing. Current building codes and OHSA regulations are not designed to prevent destruction against natural disasters such as EF-3, EF-4 or EF-5 tornadoes. RemainSafe has become the trusted source for FEMA Compliant engineered commercial storm shelters designed to withstand EF-5 tornadoes which can generate winds 250+ mph.

“RemainSafe has become a trusted partner to businesses looking to give their employees a safe and secure work environment. We have a long history of keeping families safe at home, and now we are pleased to be able to partner with businesses looking to protect not only the physical employee, but also their employees’ mental wellness,” says Andy Smith, Founder and CEO of RemainSafe.

In 2022, RemainSafe entered the commercial market with its innovative 10x30x8 unit. Designed to endure EF-5 storms, this unit offers business owners the ability to shelter employees for short or longer intervals, as needed. Equipped with front to back benches, LED lighting and a restroom, these commercial shelters offer business owners and their employees’ peace of mind.

Unit capacities accommodate up to 117 people allowing RemainSafe to protect employees of both large and small companies. Built with 1/4” thick steel outer plate throughout the entire structure, shelters feature: entry and egress doors, natural ventilation, lightning protection and grounding systems, emergency generator and UPS battery power and solar panel. Custom sizing is also available to meet the needs of industrial employers of any company size.

“With rising numbers of documented storms, business owners and senior leaders are taking natural disasters and their employee mental health more seriously,” Smith said. “RemainSafe has and continues to supply FEMA Compliant storm shelters to military bases and businesses across the United States.”


RemainSafe provides storm shelters and safe rooms to the residential and commercial markets. As a company, RemainSafe is driven to offer the most advanced and multifunctional shelters on the market.  Providing families and business owners the Safety, Security and Confidence to live and work without fearing inclement weather. For more information, visit www.remainsafe.com or engage socially via, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

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