RemainSafe Team

The New Launch of RemainSafe Storm Shelters

We’d like to officially announce the brand new launch of RemainSafe Storm Shelters. While our company has been in existence now for a decade, we’re excited to take our vision to the next level. Today our team would like to share some quick important updates with you.

RemainSafe acquires SteelSafe Shelters.

The first update we’d like to share is our recent acquisition of SteelSafe Shelters, the #1 contractor storm shelter supplier in Huntsville, Alabama.

Chris Wood of SteelSafe Shelters created an incredible storm shelter business that helped many people in the Huntsville area. The products are some of the best in the industry and no doubt have saved lives from violent tornadoes. We’re proud to have these safety shelters under our brand.

The acquisition allows us to add incredible value to what SteelSafe offered the community but also strengthens our mission to save lives and reach new markets. We’ll be working closely with Chris to ensure you remain confident in our storm shelters, safety shelters, and safety closets. Our team is excited to serve you and build upon this great foundation.

RemainSafe rebrands our company.

As part of our restructuring and desire to grow nationally, we decided it would be best to do a complete rebrand for our company. RemainSafe has a huge vision with several components coming online in 2021 and beyond.

Additionally, our objective is to change the way people think or feel about storm shelters and the emergency preparedness industry. So many companies use fear-mongering to coerce people into buying products but we want to be different. We believe in educating and helping people gain confidence when it comes to potentially deadly situations; not scaring them into living a fearful life.

Every person on our team has a passion for keeping people safe and truly cares about the people in their community. While our business is about designing and manufacturing safety shelters, our goal is saving lives.

Going forward in 2021

RemainSafe Storm Shelters is what we’re currently known for, but in 2021 and beyond, we will redefine this industry in many ways.

Our goal is to change the way people think about a “bomb shelter” or storm shelter. We will innovate our products to be even more versatile for the ever-increasing emergency situations facing our country. And we will offer a holistic and healthy approach to being prepared should you face these challenges.

Whether you’re in Huntsville, Alabama or Phoenix, Arizona, we will have you covered. There are many awesome announcements coming, but more importantly, we hope you will be confident in our quest to help you.