Redefining the safety shelter and making it multi-use.

When most people think about the need for a safety shelter, it's usually related to severe storms and violent tornadoes. But a proper shelter in your home, business, or school can be added protection against dangerous wildfires, domestic abuse, home invasions, shootings, hurricanes, and even the zombie apocalypse.

Our purpose at RemainSafe is to redefine what a safety shelter is and how it can save lives in almost any dangerous situation. Simply put, it's just not a storm shelter anymore.

As we design our products, we take into consideration the practical everyday use for these shelters, and continue to innovate to ensure you have the safest and easiest to use solution for protecting yourself or your loved ones.

Safety Shelter Any Emergency
RemainSafe Shelters Made with Excellence

A proven and solid foundation is critical for saving lives.

All the perks in the world won't help if you're safety shelter isn't engineered to the highest possible standards. This is why it's important to know how your shelter is made because cheap craftsmanship can get you killed.

RemainSafe products are all made in the USA from 100% steel design and construction. We use the best practices for welding, manufacturing, and installation. Then every safety shelter is thoroughly tested to exceed industry standards, including FEMA compliance and ICC-500 guidelines.

Our focus on doing things right ensures you and your family have the greatest chance for survival in the worst case scenario.

Thinking outside the box to give you peace of mind.

Many storm shelter companies just give you a box and stop there. Not RemainSafe! We provide innovative solutions and add-ons to give you additional peace of mind.

All of our safety shelters are easy to operate for people of all ages or with disabilities. This truly matters when seconds count. We also make our shelters more comfortable for those times when extended stays are required. Additionally we incorporate additional locking mechanisms to come along systems for added safety measures.

If that's not enough, our design team can now incorporate lockable weapon racks, Molle systems for tactical and emergency gear, safety boxes for valuables, and other add-ons to make your safety shelter more versatile than ever.

Peace of Mind
Certified and Trusted Safety Shelters

Certfied, tested, and compliant where it matters.

Some people question why we go above and beyond to gain certifications or FEMA compliance. It's because we value your lives and safety. RemainSafe will never cut corners or do anything we believe will compromise the integrity of our products. And since we certify our safety shelters, they qualify for available funding and grants available through FEMA, ADEM, or your county EMA.

  • Certified test results from Texas Tech University

  • Certified and stamped blue prints and drawings

  • A+ BBB of North Alabama rating

  • Exceeds FEMA 320/361 guidelines for storm shelters

  • Exceeds ICC-500 guidelines for storm shelters

  • Exceeds ASTM 330 guidelines for static pressure testing

How our process works.

1: Fabrication

RemainSafe safety shelters are manufactured and fabricated at one of our regional manufacturing facilities in the United States. Each component is precisely cut with state of the art plasma cutter then welded together by highly skilled professionals.

The result is a completed safety shelter expertly designed to the specifications of our engineers and industry standards. 

2: Testing

Once fabrication is completed, the safety shelter goes to our dye testing area. A special dye is applied to both sides of the weld to assure us that every weld is extremely solid and will never leak.

When the shelter passes the dye test, we send it to the paint department where it's properly coated, primed, and painted. All interior and safety components are professionally installed.

3: Delivery

All RemainSafe safety shelters are thoroughly inspected by our quality assurance team at each phase of production, as well as before it's shipped.

When the shelter arrives at your location, our RemainSafe team will complete the professional installation, conduct one last quality check, and make sure you're completely satisfied with the end result before leaving.

Safety Shelter Features

In addition to all of our RemainSafe safety shelters being built to the highest standards, we include extra features to give you more peace of mind.

Exterior Coating

Our military grade epoxy protects against rust and corrosion.

Ample Lighting

A battery powered LED light ensures your space is well lit.

Anchor System

The anchoring system ensures your shelter remains secure.

Air Flow System

The battery powered air flow system circulates fresh air from outside.

Easy Access

Our entry access points are easy to operate, fast to use and 100% secure.

Come Along

The 2.5 ton come along helps if debris blocks the door.


Our new upgrades give more versatility to your shelter.

20 Year Warranty

Our 20 year warranty provides you with added assurance.

Kind words from our clients.

My family and I were extremely pleased with the efficiency and professional manner that our safety shelter was installed. I especially liked that the installer took the time to involve and explain the shelter to my children. We hope we never have to use the shelter, but if the situation presents itself, we are confident and ready.

From top to bottom they are the best team I have ever witnessed doing any kind of job. I was amazed at how clean the work area was kept while they where installing the safety shelter. The garage actually looked better when they finished than when they began. Again I thank you all. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to everyone.

We want to say just thank you for a job very well done. The installation went flawless. We never had any concerns as the day progressed. Everyone was very professional and they knew their job. Our garage floor looks cleaner now than when the crew arrived. Without hesitation, if someone wants a referral, give them our number. We will be glad to talk to them.

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