RemainSafe would like to take the opportunity today to sincerely apologize to all of our clients for the recent storm shelter price increases and delays in manufacturing.

As we all know, the global pandemic has caused more than health problems the past year; it has also affected businesses in many ways including a scarcity of supplies. The construction and manufacturing industry has been hard hit due to lockdowns. RemainSafe is no exception.

Because our storm shelters are made from steel and manufactured in Alabama, we’ve encountered several challenges the past several months, including:

  • A lack of available steel and other products required to produce safety shelters
  • A dramatic price increase for steel due to the demand of these materials
  • A violent tornado and storm season in Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia

Unfortunately these hurdles have been extremely difficult to overcome and we’ve had to implement storm shelter price increases while delaying the installation of orders already placed.

Our team has been working hard to navigate these challenges in order to honor our commitments to all of our customers. None of us like the position we are currently in but that is the reality of the situation. And we are very sorry people in our community have experienced these frustrations with us.

The good news is RemainSafe is not giving up!

We are beginning to catch up on all Interior Storm Shelter orders (above ground and below ground) placed in March and April. Our Underground Exterior Storm Shelters will be delayed several more weeks but we’re hopeful new steel shipments will be in soon. And we’re implementing new processes and systems to protect us from these situations in the future.

While there isn’t a perfect answer to the questions received regarding the price increases and delays, we hope our transparency will help soften the blow all of us have experienced.

We cannot apologize enough to those of you who placed your trust in our company and we’ll do everything our power to make it right. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.