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RemainSafe believes the best time to prepare for emergencies is BEFORE they happen, but so often people don't think to purchase a storm shelter or survival supplies until they need it.

As we witnessed in 2021, Alabama and Tennessee encountered horrific tornadoes in the spring. Sadly many people lost their lives. This is why it's imperative to plan for tornado season in advance.

Supplies have been limited in 2021.

Unfortunately, many of our customers endured extended wait times for their storm shelters to be delivered and installed. The global pandemic crushed supply chains, causing delays in supplies while raising the cost of steel.

Because of these challenges, storm shelter companies have limited manufacturing and production. While RemainSafe is back on track, we urge people to prepare in advance and get a storm shelter quote now.

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Tornadoes can happen anytime throughout the year but they will be more prevalent in spring and summer. Right now is the best time to get a quote for a storm shelter and to be prepared in advance.