It's more than a storm shelter these days.

Our purpose at RemainSafe is redefining what a safety shelter is and how it can save lives in any dangerous situation. Simply put, it's just not a storm shelter anymore.

We design our products for more than tornadoes; they can provide protection in hurricanes, home invasions, domestic abuse, and even the zombie apocalypse. We always think outside the box.

Absolute protection you can count on for emergencies.

It's not impossible to build a storm shelter or safety closet yourself, but would you have absolute confidence in your shelter when danger arises? This is where RemainSafe makes the difference!

Our safety shelters are made in the USA from steel and thoroughly tested to exceed industry standards, including FEMA compliance and ICC-500 guidelines. We also offer a 20 year limited warranty.

Designed for safety but also created to be easy to use.

Many storm shelter companies just give you "a box" and stop there. Not RemainSafe! We provide innovative solutions and add-ons to give you additional peace of mind.

Our safety shelters are easy to operate for people of all ages or for those with disabilities. Plus our shelters are more comfortable for extended periods of use. We focus on details that matter.

Quality Tested and Approved

RemainSafe manufactures safety shelters you can be confident in. We design, engineer and third party test all products to ensure the highest standards are met. Our priority is your safety and survival.

Delivering the confidence you deserve.

RemainSafe will never cut corners or do anything we believe will compromise the integrity of our products. We certify our safety shelters to FEMA compliance and other EMA guidelines to ensure you are in the best possible place when danger occurs.

  • Certified test results from Texas Tech University

  • Certified and stamped blue prints and drawings

  • A+ BBB of North Alabama rating

  • Exceeds FEMA 320/361 guidelines for storm shelters

  • Exceeds ICC-500 guidelines for storm shelters

  • Exceeds ASTM 330 guidelines for static pressure testing

RemainSafe Shelter Features

EF5 Tornado Rating

Our shelters stand up against the highest rated tornadoes and hurricane force winds.

Ballistic Protection

Our shelters provide some level of protection against small arms fire from handguns.

Military Grade

Our shelters strengthen your chances for survival with military grade features.

Exterior Coating

Our shelters are coated with a marine grade epoxy to protect against rust and corrosion.

Ample Lighting

Our standard units includes a fluorescent light to keep your space well lit.

Anchor System

Our anchoring ensures your shelter always remains secure - even in an F5 tornado.

Air Flow System

Our battery powered air induction system circulates fresh air from outside.

Easy Access

Our doors and lids provide fast and easy access while remaining absolutely secure.

Come Along

Our 4' come along and fabricated hook on the back wall helps if debris blocks the door.