We started as a local storm shelter company.

RemainSafe is a local storm shelter company focused on serving the people of Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. Having experienced some of the most devastating tornadoes in recent history, we understand the critical need for better storm protection in the Southeastern United States. Our safety shelters have been installed in hundreds of homes across the region over the past ten years.

Meet Our Executive Team

The RemainSafe team is made up of people from all walks of life with a variety of experiences, but we're all focused on one mission: saving lives in the midst of a storm.


Mike Heath

Carol Robertson

Carol Robertson

Marketing and Sales
Jordan Triplett, RemainSafe

Jordan Triplett

Social Media

We are serious about safety, but love to have fun.

RemainSafe is extremely passionate about saving lives in the midst of a storm. Scare tactics and fear won't help us live better lives. Instead, we say prepare for the worst but expect the best ... and live to the fullest!

“There is always a part of my mind that is preparing for the worst, and another part of my mind that believes if I prepare enough for it, the worst won’t happen.”

― Kay Redfield Jamison